Roundabout Pre-School

Our Local Offer

What is the Local Offer?

The Local Offer has been introduced to make sure that families and carers can easily find out what information and services are available, in their local area, for children and young people who have special educational needs (SEN) and disabilities. These public services could cover education, health or social care.

Where has it come from?

The Children and Families Bill requires that by law all local authorities provide and share information for children and young people aged 0-25 with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

What should I do if I think my child needs extra help or has special educational needs and how does Roundabout Pre-school know if children need any extra help?

Every child has an introduction to the pre-school, where parents can share any information on the strengths and needs of their child.

All children at Roundabout have their own key person who will work with them closely and get to know them as an individual. The role of the key person is to build a close relationship with the child and the parents/carers to enable sharing of information and to identify a possible need.

If parents/carers have any questions or concerns they can arrange a mutually convenient time to meet with their child’s key person privately and discuss their child’s progress and development.

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